Ballantyne KidzArt Summer Camps!

At Ballantyne KidzArt Summer Camp, your child's self-expression and self-esteem will soar! This summer, give your child the opportunity to learn drawing skills that will last a lifetime through fun art exercises and techniques that anyone can follow.

KidzArt Camp is held in a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere, complete with soothing music that allows each participant to feel relaxed, and ready to create. KidzArt Camp is not just for "artistic" children, so even a child that's never taken an art class before will be creating works of art by the end of the program.

Each student at the KidzArt Camp will have access to the highest quality, professional art materials. Each camp will be taught by talented and certified instructors. Students will be encouraged to experiment with a wide variety of mediums, including three-dimensional sculpture, unique surfaces and more.

Students at KidzArt Camp will walk away with a lot more than just an appreciation of art; they will learn how to overcome obstacles, how to focus their attention through guided exercises and how to use their creative muscle. Creating masterpieces make for a hungry young artist.

The camps have been designed for the ages of 6-12.


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